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We offer sustainable septic solutions.

Blackwater Environmental Solutions septic design, consulting, inspection, installation, maintenance & repair.

Living on borrowed water.

When we dig or drill a well for our homes we expect to receive clean and pure water from the ground. It is important to understand, however, that this water will not be used once only to be discarded. We are actually borrowing this water for a very short period of time, after that will be used again and again. It often takes just seconds for the water to pass from our taps into drains, transforming from pure, clean water into waste water. In order to ensure that the water we borrow from the ground is clean, we should do our best to ensure that the water is treated before it is returned to the environment so that it may be “borrowed” again by future generations.

We stay ahead of the curve.

Blackwater Environmental Solutions is fully committed to meet or exceed customer expectations through evolving service levels and employee education and training. We offer innovative solutions to problems created by ineffective existing waste water treatment systems. We embrace new and proven waste water treatment technologies and will remain on the leading edge of adaptation and implementation of such technologies. We strive to create, build, and maintain relationships with an ever increasing number of environmentally conscious customers in an effort to protect public health, water resources, and our environment for future generations.


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